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Our Service Mix

At Gener8 Interactive we believe that design is not simply an opportunity to communicate your corporate information on yet another marketing medium, but more so an opportunity to promote brand interactions.

Brand Strategy and Corporate Identity Development Vancouver

Identity Development

Exploring, defining, and solidifying your Brand is a joint venture. We don't jump to any premature conclusions and executions. We do our homework. Before we conceive and develop any solutions, we carefully listen to our client's situation, we get to understand the competitive landscape and we focus on long term solutions for the specific brand and business. Some of the steps that are build into our process are:
  • Clarifying/defining the organizations values, vision and mission. Who you are and where you are going. Without an authentic identity and a shared goal that can inspire your employees and customers, well, forget about it.
  • Identifying the competitive landscape, market situation, opportunities and strategic differentiators. Know your playing field and figure out how you can become famous in your marketplace.
  • Ensure clarity and internal alignment regarding the brand purpose, position and promise. It’s a team effort. Your front line staff is your true brand ambassadors. If they don’t buy it, your customers won’t.
  • If relevant, develop a brand architecture. For instance, how does your master brand relate to a subset of underlying product brands, co-brands, etc? If you are confused, so will your stakeholders be.
  • Creating a roll-out plan for the implementation of the brand strategy and creative execution, including development of marketing, PR and stakeholder communications plans.
  • Supporting the creative/design team in the transformation of the brand strategy into tangible solutions, including name, logo, brand standards manual, website design, online and offline marketing tactics, packaging, PR and promo materials, and more. No matter how brilliant a brand strategy may be, it’s worth nothing without a top-notch creative execution.

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Online Brand and Web Development Vancouver

Online Brand Development

The design and build-out of your website is in fact the online projection of your brand. For many of our clients, their website is the FIRST interaction their customers/users have with their brand, and if not, it generally is the place their clients truly interact with their brand. The resulting implications are that we need to:
  • Be cognizant of this reality and ensure the website design stays true to the integrity of the brand.
  • Explore the options and possibilities of using the online medium to solidify the relationship between each user and the brand (realizing that this may mean recognizing different relationships for different user-types).
  • Ensuring that the web site design will be flexible to facilitate the content-related change/growth of content around the brand.
  • Ensuring that the web site design addresses both internal and external needs - Social Media, E-Commerce, Analytics, External Systems Connectivity.

At Gener8, our website design process begins with Strategy; Good design must begin by asking "What"? From asking the right questions, to truly listening to the answers, to working with our clients to evolve the solutions, we focus on a strong strategical base that is well-established at the onset.

Once the website design strategy is in place, we focus on "How". From site-mapping to wireframes and graphic concepts, we work with our clients to ensure the structural and visual criteria address all applicable needs (even those that may be 6 months in the future). This also involves ensuring that all back-end solutions are the right fit for the client. Using our proprietary Content Management System (CMS) we customize all content-related systems to provide our clients with as much content flexibility as they require. Will certain text fields need to change regularly? Is there a section that requires changeable imagery or video content? Is your website content connected to external sources - youtube, flickr, facebook, etc. Are there data gathering elements/connections to consider - e-newsletter emails, user id's, e-commerce, etc.? All these factors are considered and addressed specifically to the parameters required for each project.

Lastly, with each and every project, we ensure that our clients have the knowledge to USE their website. The true ROI on a website is through its proper use. As a result, in addition to the explanations given throughout the design process, a tutorial is scheduled once the site is complete to field any usage-specific questions as well as provide a guided, hands-on workshop.

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Print Design and Print Collateral Vancouver

Print Design & Business Collateral

Existing in a competitive landscape requires innovative solutions that focus on making your offering 'memorable'. Print pieces are a very powerful tool in this endeavour as they generally are the tangible 'things' that your clients, consumers, end-users end up holding onto. We work with our clients on the physicality of each design, the messaging, and the production & printing of whatever print piece they need.
We've worked on a variety of print solutions for our clients including:
  • Print ads
  • Brochures
  • Media Kits
  • Publications
  • Business Cards
  • Stationary
  • Booths
  • Awnings & Signage

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Print Design and Print Collateral Vancouver


Online marketing, and email marketing specifically is truly one of the most significant investments you can make into your company. Offering low-cost production with significant return, the ROI simply makes sense. Using our proprietary Gener8 Interactive E-mail Marketing software, we offer a variety of e-marketing solutions to our clients.
A few highlights include:
  • Template Design - Just focus on the content. Log-in to your account and your template(s) are waiting for you. All you have to do is enter text, upload images, and send. It's that easy.
  • Remote access - log-in to your account from any internet-enabled computer to enter your newsletter content and/or send your newsletter.
  • Custom Design - Whether you need a new template or a custom piece for a special event, we're never more than a phone call or email away to help.
  • SPAM control - Get immediate feedback to how the text you enter rates for SPAM. Included in EVERY account is our SPAM text scanner which scans the text you enter and provides with you immediate feedback as to how your text rates for SPAM - change high-rated text until our happy with your 'Spam rating', then send. In addition, we use a variety of solutions in the delivery of your e-message to ensure your message does not get spammed.
  • Compatibility - Our software connects directly with your website so it automatically takes care of new subscriptions and users who want to unsubscribe
  • Contacts Control - Import contacts from another program or export your contact list if the need arises.
  • SUPPORT - Unsure on using email marketing software? We will be happy to walk you through making, editing, and sending an email. We want you to be successful using this tool, this means making sure you are comfortable with the system...and therefore encouraged to use it!

For more information and pricing, contact us to either receive a PDF of our services, or to talk to us in person.