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Email Marketing Solutions

Online marketing, and email marketing specifically is truly one of the most significant investments you can make into your company. Offering low-cost production with significant return, the ROI simply makes sense.


Maintaining an ongoing relationship with your clients, consumers, users, etc. is vital. Ensuring that your end-user thinks of you when they ready to 'buy-in' to your type of offering is key. Furthermore, providing them with the information they require to perhaps 'aid' them in making a decision (with you) is even more significant.


The answer is simple: foster the relationship you have with your clients. Use and maximize upon the pieces you have succesfully invested in (i.e. your brand and your online presence). Use a medium that your clients are already use to using and also minimizes your dollars spent: the Internet.

Gener8 Interactive has worked with numerous clients to help develop the structure, strategy, and delivery of their marketing message directly to their target audience. Our software is proprietary, so we can connect it directly to your existing online presence and give you personalized help along the way.
We can create a tailored template to match your visual brand , giving you all control. Or, we can work with you to create that perfect, individual piece. As for progress, simply log into your account and view the performace of any of your email marketing pieces.

Contact Us for more information, or download our Email Marketer Brochure.

Project Details

The Gener8 Interactive Email Marketer includes:
  • Template Design - Just focus on the content. Log-in to your account and your template(s) are waiting for you. All you have to do is enter text, upload images, and send. It's that easy.
  • Remote access - log-in to your account from any internet-enabled computer to enter your newsletter content and/or send your newsletter.
  • Custom Design - Whether you need a new template or a custom piece for a special event, we're never more than a phone call or email away to help.
  • SPAM control - Get immediate feedback to how the text you enter rates for SPAM. Included in EVERY account is our SPAM text scanner which scans the text you enter and provides with you immediate feedback as to how your text rates for SPAM - change high-rated text until our happy with your 'Spam rating', then send. In addition, we use a variety of solutions in the delivery of your e-message to ensure your message does not get spammed.
  • Compatibility - Our software connects directly with your website so it automatically takes care of new subscriptions and users who want to unsubscribe
  • Contacts Control - Import contacts from another program or export your contact list if the need arises.
  • SUPPORT - Unsure on using email marketing software? We will be happy to walk you through making, editing, and sending an email. We want you to be successful using this tool, this means making sure you are comfortable with the system...and therefore encouraged to use it!

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